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Interrogation (CHPTR 3)

I stare into space and say, "I like them all, it's hard to choose specific ones." He nods and scribbles something down in his notebook, "How old are you?" he asks without looking up, "Old enough to date some of the members, " I say to him skeptically. "Fair enough, How long have you liked EXO?" He asks me, I answer back, "Since the beginning really, when there was 12 but in my mind they will always be 12 and forever one." I look up towards the ceiling and sigh. It's mostly quiet besides the scratches of pencil hitting paper. Jae mumbles to himself for a bit then looks up at me and smiles, "So, you know how they are having a hard time at the moment with what everything going on right?" I nod my head approvingly. "Well they need someone to be, let's say their little "pick me up." I've been traveling around for a few days now looking for that pick me up and I think I just found her. Ahri, would you be willing to fly to Seoul, South Korea to be EXO's pick me up?" I laugh and then look around me, "Where's the cameras?" He then makes a confused expression,  "I'm serious Ahri. I'd be willing to let you take some people with you so you wouldn't be alone. This is a Once in a Lifetime chance, are you willing to take it?" He then proceeds to hold his hand out to me. I grab it and say, "I'll need 3 tickets Jae." He squeals with delight and starts explaining to me the details, "Don't bring anything except your cell phone or anything else dear to you. We have a hotel room for you and your guests right next to EXO's. Everyone is counting on you to turn their frown upside down." We exchange contact information and he then starts to walk away, "We'll be in contact shortly." I'm left standing alone in the quiet isle with just a torn piece of paper in my hand, what have I gotten myself into?

Run Away (CHPTR 4)

I finished putting the rest of groceries away and I took the cart to put it back to where it rests for another person to take. I stood there for a second and just looked at the giant white building with big letters that look like they haven't been cleaned in awhile. I head back towards the family car, it was white and looked like a death trap. My grandma had visited her sister and came back with a new car, my mother did not take it too nicely... I hopped in and sat in my usual place, by the window behind the passengers chair. I looked out the window and then asked my mother a question, "Would you let me go to South Korea?" She looked up in the mirror at me, "Why are you asking?" Still looking outside I replied, "I'm just curious." She put the car in reverse and began to back out of the parking spot, "Who would be going?" I sigh and reply, "Maybe Emily and Kaela." Emily is my cousin, she has blonde hair and she's taller than me even though I'm older than her. Michaela is my stepsister on my dads side, she's a little taller than me, but I'm also older than her, I usually refer to her as Kaela. "None of you are responsible to go on a trip like that, my answer is no." I scoffed, "Why am I not surprised?" She looks up again at the mirror to look at me, "How would you even pay for this "trip"? I sigh and say, "It'll already be payed for." She looks forward at the other cars and cusses under her breath because a car almost ran her off the road, "My answer is still no." ~           We arrived home and put up all the groceries. My mother decides to go to bed early. I call my cousin and tell her about the trip, "OMG, DELILAH, I WANT TO GO..." she starts screaming in my ear. I pull the phone away from my ear so I don't go deaf..."I know, I know but my mother said no." I look at the time, it's 9:45pm. "You know what, I'm old enough to go on that trip and I've been stuck in this house for all my life and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Meet me at the end of your driveway with nothing but your phone or a bag of necessities. We're doing this." I hang up on her without hearing her response. I head towards my room and go to my closet and grab a drawstring bag that is red and orange tye dye which says Mackinac Island, Michigan. I throw in my favorite stuffed animal, It's a panda that had an upside down face because the people who made it messed up. I open my drawer, I knew saving up all this money would be  helpful someday. I take the money and create money rolls with rubber bands. I also grab my charger and head out of my room. I walk into the hallway and then stop at my mothers door. Sorry. I then unlock the front door and close it and take out my keys and lock the door. I then decide to call my stepsister on the way and tell her the details.
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