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The Fiery Femme Fatales: Hawkgirl, Red Sonja, Jean Grey Boink- Red Sonja Marry- Jean Grey Kill- Hawkgirl (She'll just be reborn anyway)
Loves Webs: Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, and Silver Sable Boink- Mary Jane Marry- Silver Sable Kill- Gwen Stacy ( I've always loved the Green Goblin)
Gotham City Sirens: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Zatanna Zatarra Boink- Ivy Marry- Zatanna Kill- Harley (This one was by no means an easy choice.)
Mouthy Mercs: Deadpool, Deathwish, Deathstroke Boink- Deathwish Marry- Deadpool Kill- Deathstroke (The original is inferior)
@shannonl5 Understandable. I love redheads hence the boink MJ and have admired Silver Sable since I first saw her in the comics.
@ComicGeek94 I agree with you re: Deathstroke but the Gotham City Sirens... too difficult!
@shannonl5 And for these 2 new ones?
@ComicGeek94 haha I get it. And there's definitely something about redheads... but Sable's got me good haha
I LOVE THIS Ok I'm def with you on the first one. But for me I'd switch all of them haha. Marry Gwen Boink Silver Sable and.... kill MJ T_T