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New! Age of Ultron Deleted Scene

Steve's face will make you sad.

Okay, it makes sense that this scene was cut. It doesn't really tell us much about the battle with Ultron, and while it's great character development for Steve, we've had two solo movies PLUS The Avengers to get to know him already, and this movie was already packed with characters who didn't have that.


He's returning to Europe, and this time he doesn't know if he's on the right side.
The last time he was here, he was fighting Hitler.
This time? It's a villain one of his friends created.
A villain that wants to eradicate all of humanity.
He's been trying to hunt down his best friend, who spent 70 years being tortured by Hydra.
Hydra, who Steve barely caught in time.
Hydra, who Steve thought he brought down in 1945.
Hydra, who was controlling Steve in the 21st century this whole time.
And he's Captain America, ok. He had doubts when he was first put up on stage with the USO tour. But he did it because he believed that he was doing all he could to help. He became a soldier because he doesn't like bullies. He never wanted to kill anyone. And now here he is. He woke up and he's become a symbol, not a person. And he doesn't know the America that he symbolizes anymore. He's not a fascist. And it hurts just to hear the word because he thought he ENDED that.
And instead he woke up on the side of the bullies.
Who am I kidding? I am absolutely crying.
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