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In Japan, women are legally required to take their husbands last name since 1896.

Essentially in order to obtain a marriage license fully, both man and woman must have the same last name to get everything official.

Some Japanese women want to change this.

Five women in Japan are doing something about it-- They are suing the Japanese government on the basis that it goes against the equality and violates married couples’ civil rights.
“By losing your’re being made light of, you’re not respected.... It’s as if part of your self vanishes,” Kaori Oguni, one of the women suing, told Reuters.

The opposing side suggests that it is jut easier for families.

Constitutional scholar Masaomi Takanori told NHK public television, “Names are the best way to bind families. Allowing different surnames risks destroying social stability, the maintenance of public order and the basis for social welfare.”

What are your thoughts on this law in Japan? And what do you thinking about the women wanted to change that?

Honestly, I was raised to love my last name and it's a part of me that I will not let go of. People shouldn't be forced to do something they do not want to. Plus the law was established over a hundred years ago, it's time to move on.
more power to them. this is great. I'm so glad that these women have the courage to fought for their rights. I hope they get what they deserve
This is news to me. I incorrectly assumed that all Eastern Asian women kept their surnames like in S.Korea. And it's actually b/c they aren't considered part of that family, at least dating back pre-joseon...I say let people choose.
they should make possible for women who want to keep their surname to be able to.
@GenesisZiporrah @SeoInHan true. we as women have the right to choose and have more rights like any other person.
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