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Britain issued a warning today to help conserve the butterflies, with a staggering statistic from the State of the UK’s Butterflies 2015 report.

The stat showed that more than three-quarters of Britain’s 59 butterfly species have declined in the past 40 years.

That's 75% people.


Well, according to The Guardian, scientists are still trying to determine the problem. But a lot of it has to do with climate change and pesticides.
“It points to the fact that there’s something significant that we’re missing,” Chris Packham, Butterfly Conservation vice-president told the Guardian. “I think personally it’s the over-use of a broad spectrum of insecticides and then neonicotinoids thrown into the mix since the 1990s. This is an urgent, clarion call to academics to get into gear and find out what is causing these declines.”
When I was a little kid, butterflies were my favorite creators to watch and to catch (though I always let them back into the wild). They are important insects to the environment, and well, they are just beautiful to look at.
Losing species of butterflies would mean losing beautiful and abundant colors in the sky. Perhaps the climate change talks in Paris will help but this is just one of the many examples showing how climate changes is working against many species.

Time for the world (especially the U.K.) to step up and help the poor little Schmetterlinges.

@InPlainSight @nicolejb dawwww❣ I love you both!!!! This really does upset me very, very much. 😢 Obviously, they are my favorite. A lot of people don't realize the vital role that butterflies play in keeping our environment in balance. They aren't Just pretty, but Also important to the ecosystem.
This is so sad.
Yes you are absolutely correct in saying that our butterfly is the most unique ;) @ButterflyBlu
I hope not....I'm happy with our unique butterfly population, and don't want to mess with the UK's ecosystem
I know right?! @InPlainSight! The Blu ones are my favorite ;) maybe all the butterflies from the U.K. are disappearing and showing up on Vingle instead XD
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