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I know this isn't much, but as compared to last year, I'm pretty proud of how its coming along! (These aren't all of them. I have a few in boxes) Manga can get quite expensive. If you guys know of any websites where I might be able to find them cheap, let me know! Also, I love manga recommendations so send those my way!
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ebay is usually pretty cheap I get most my manga and anime from them shipping takes a little longer since I order out of country but it's worth it
2 years ago·Reply
it sucks because raw manga only costs 4-5$ a volume, minus shipping. Even less if you buy complete series
2 years ago·Reply
I'd be lucky to find manga at that price! it usually ranges from $8-12 if you wanna buy them new. @CyrusRahimi
2 years ago·Reply
@missmage001 that's the cost of translation for you
2 years ago·Reply
huh, looks like I'll have to start learning to read Japanese to save an extra buck @CyrusRahimi
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