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a question ❓ everyone
how did you started watching anime or reading manga I started in year 9 when a year 8 students recommend naruto and after naruto I watched other series as it inspired me to go deeper into anime
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When I was in elementary school, I was flipping through channels on the TV in my room. I came across an Anime show called Yu-Gi-Oh. Anime has been a huge part of my reality ever since.
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Well pokémon, Dbz when i was lil then naruto but stop watching but got back into anime big time in 2013
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6th grade, that year I discovered School Rumble on Netflix. The rest, as you could say, is history.
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friend told me about SAO and Noragami, I searched the world wide webs until I found Crunchyroll to watch it easier and found more and more anime's that interested me
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I grew up watching dragon ball in adult swim when I was around six and then started watching naruto and one piece on Cartoon Network when they put it on a lot and then for a long time stopped, about until I was twelve and started watching stuff like ouran host club, and now watch anime daily basis, read manga everyday, read fan fiction daily, and play my favorite anime games :P yup anime influenced me... Just a little
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