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Serendipity! We have been talking recently about human rights- it turns out that today December 15 is the anniversary of the commencement of the US Bill of Rights. Revered here in the states and admired around the world. Rather than have me butcher them up here's a simple expkaination:
also take a look at FDRs four freedoms which he gave in a radio address just months before US entered WWII
Now Most importantly look at FDRs second bill of rights which have been denied us by the big old money interests and should be demanded by all Americans for our future security:
ok I'll get off my soap box now lol
wow thank you for this! @shannonl5 this really breaks it down really well, and helps us defend what is right or wrong in the american system. I'm going to start backing up some of our political reasoning based off this. or at least using it as a framework for my opinions in the political world:)
This is so great! It's really rare to see the bill of rights broken down like that but it's so important. It's the basis of our entire legal system and it's something we should always be vigilant about understanding and protecting. Thank you for sharing :D