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Even though he's extremely good-looking.

I know we all like to joke around and there is nothing more fun than chatting about our favorite superhero crushes all day... but something tells me the reality of dating one of these dudes would actually be kind of terrible? A great set of abs can only get us so far.
1. He's not super reliable.
2. Since he doesn't understand phones, he won't text you back.
3. He lives in Asgard. Long distance sucks.
4. Have you ever seen him shower? Because signs point to that not being frequent enough.
5. Being royalty is not nearly as fun as the British make it look.
6. Thor is going to eat you out of house and home, you know he is.
7. He can and will drink you under the table.
8. His family has issues. They make the Lannisters look chill.
9. He doesn't have a car. You will ALWAYS have to drive.
10. And of course... because he's already the husband of @amobigbang of course! I know nobody here wants to be a home wrecker. I'm sure we all wish @amobigbang the best of luck there!
Anyone can want Thor but he knows who he comes home too and he knows who children he and mine. ctfu 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀.
Nothing will stop me from wanting him.
i should follow amobigbang i believe i could fangirl over their post 馃槀馃槩
Thor may not be able to text, but he'd come flying to you after you text him. And he's royalty so you don't have to Pay for his food because he is rich as hell.
He's not very up to date in modern culture either so making funny puns or references would only get crickets.
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