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Who made us laugh the most this week?

This week was HILARIOUS. Honestly all of the caption contest entries had me dying. Well done Marvelers! Let's check out the final scores:
@shelbiisonfire had sixteen
@BeannachtOraibh had eighteen
@InPlainSight had four
@wolpht had eleven
@MichaelOgg had sixty-five
@DarthRevan had four
@LAVONYORK had five
@loftonc16 had seven
@AllieGrabowski had eight

You know what that means: @MichaelOgg is this week's winner!

To claim your prize, comment below to let me know which character you'd like to see in next week's caption contest ^_^

Hey Deadpool, is that a Chimichanga in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

Let's all make sure we give @MichaelOgg a big round of applause. Thank you so much for an awesome week everyone! Especially to everyone who was commenting like wild.
You're all-stars.
me and Spidey are a great combo XP
@Thatperson512 as was yours xD
Thanks lol I loved all the cards I seen, tried to comment on all the ones I was tagged in or found XP @shannonl5 Any objections to show Squirrel Girl some appreciation? I was thinking maybe either her or Hulk
@DarthRevan I loved it, my co-workers looked at me like crazy when I busted out laughing at it xD
Congrats @MichaelOgg it was hilarious. 馃槀
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