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Simon d gave jack a disappointed look and said "are you the manager?" jack replied "yes I am " Simon d looked at him ,frowned and said with a heavy sigh " It's a shame we meet under these current conditions but given the situation ...." Jack gave a sigh in agreement and said "I understand but things happen." "jay cleared his throat and and said " the way things are ,different circumstances are out of the question now ." my head lowered I didn't think that working with aomg was a possibility and now it wasn't gonna be . Simon d said " we only want to speak with you and her ".pointing at me ,he then looked at jay and said"Mona....Lisa...right?" . Jay looked at me his face set in a loathsome glare his eyes burning a hole through my face shook his head up and down . I looked away the whole situation was scary soohyuna was wrong very wrong i could feel it they were not gonna laugh it off and this most definitely not gonna go well at all. jack turned and asked Megan ,Kara,and soohyuna to wait in the lobby or go home , where ever they wanted. On the way out Loco walked in giving me an angry look .Jay moved over on the couch not taking his eyes off of me so loco could sit .Simon d motioned for jack and I to sit down . I couldn't look up and look at any of their faces everything was messed up over a misunderstanding.
"To be honest this whole thing although a small problem has turned into a catastrophe,that is why we came here to apologize in person for the misunderstanding that took place during the recording of up close and personal." said jack " To you it maybe a small problem but to us this is huge . Usually Jaebum and i aren't this serious but in case you forgot we aren't just artists of this company we are also run the company" Simon d said looking at me with a stern look . Jay stood and paced the room stopping next to me and said " basically you can't come here and hope to fix this problem with an i'm sorry and some excuse like the one you gave out." Loco was sitting quietly not looking at me ,As much as i wanted him to so i could explain ..... "you have nothing to say?" I zoned back in to jays question ,looking back down I mumbled "im sorry" " jay looked at Simon d and said in a sarcastic tone "hear that she's sorry ,Loco she's sorry ". "Loco turned to me and with anger burning in his eyes he asked " what are you sorry for ? the calls from dispatch looking for a story ,or are you sorry for pulling me from shows or are you sorry for postponing my new album?" I looked back down i could feel my throat burning and i just knew i was gonna cry......