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fireside girls trop 43234 leader Cloe Reed well she use to be till she became an inventor at age 8 or 9 is now in line is Coco Reed the new leader witch I will make later on. other members are Kimmy the girl next in line then Cloe is the next girl in line.then in the next pick I took since it was to big to take in Cloe is Kat,by Kat is Meg,by Meg is Ali and by Ali is Bella.
next is my dance party seen below.
First you see Buford dancing with his fish Biff by him is Beljeet then you see the 2ed pick you see jelly Cole and Cloe.then in the 3ed pick you see Cloe and the 4th pick you see Isabella sad by an angry Coco also Dave singing or having fun you the last pick you see Dave and Kat.
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not really I trased them I don't draw for beens but I do pic what they wear
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@AleciaReedy you'd be surprised how well tracing can be for training lol
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@AleciaReedy gives you a feel for proportions and and basic structures so it really does help a lot
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Cool well I am geting use to making phineas
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