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The most difficult decision there is in this world especially when finals are here!!!!

Have you guys heard of My little lover??? Well if you have then you probably know that it's hard not to watch the next episode

Well anyways I just wanted to share that, thank you for reading this

omg I've been watching my little lover too and I actually looked up the original version it it such a cute drama too
Is that a Japanese drama? It looks so funny hahahah also good luck with finals :((( Fighting~~~
c'mon now.. obviously KDRAMAS 😂
@gil24raim i actually never seen the anime but i've heard of it and that's why it got my attention and yeah they do but it's actually pretty funny because of the things they dream of😂
s it like the anime about the girl name midori and she turns into this delinquents hand. I was thinking o watching I but all I can seem to do lately is sleep lol
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