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So as some of you may know drama fever has graced us with some of the big Bang concerts and some of the solo concerts from the group.
Well yesterday I had the joy and pleasure of watching Jiyongie "One of a kind Tour" and it was Amazing.. He might be small but he owned that whole stage I enjoyed every minute of that concert..
He did an amazing job. It turns out I like GD more than I thought I did.. And that's coming from me.. TOP is my Ultimate Bias.. Nobody is topping that but GD is Def #2 now.
Thanks for the awesome time GD.. I'll be watching that concert alot lol..
Keep on smiling and bring us big Bang and jiyong magic.
.... KWON JIYONGIE YOU ARE AMAZING! Your hard work and dedication to your work and your fans and us VIPS is nothing short of amazing. And this is why your the Leader!