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I was reading an article about how going commando to the gym was a-okay. And I had no idea there are those out there who burn the underwear at the stake before sweating it out. According to a small survey done by Cotonelle in 2015, about 8 percent of women say they always go commando. 25 percent say sometimes!
I can get grossed out by sweat at the gym, so I am often sitting on a towel if I am using a sitting-kind of machine.

Do any of you go sans underwear for your workout?

Lol heck no 馃槅 never gone commando 馃槅 always with my gym fresh under wear hahah 馃憣馃榾馃憤 *Ding* lol
as a lady I feel it's a no for me because it's not comfortable ! specially on machines lol and also my pants stretch too much so its see thru at times . but I've seen plenty guys that are all in your face like look at my junk and yall should stop too lol
Um..I always go commando when I'm at the gym! Either commando or spandies haha!
It's more like a mix of other random people's sweat having more of a direct access to my glorious bits. O_O ...the underwear makes me feel a tad bit more secure....along with sitting on a towel. And wiping the machine down. I am not a germaphobe i swear....
um...No...somethings I just don't want to know lol
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