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Have You Ever Gone Commando At The Gym?
I was reading an article about how going commando to the gym was a-okay. And I had no idea there are those out there who burn the underwear at the stake before sweating it out. According to a small survey done by Cotonelle in 2015, about 8 percent of women say they always go commando. 25 percent say sometimes!
I can get grossed out by sweat at the gym, so I am often sitting on a towel if I am using a sitting-kind of machine.

Do any of you go sans underwear for your workout?

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It's more like a mix of other random people's sweat having more of a direct access to my glorious bits. O_O ...the underwear makes me feel a tad bit more secure....along with sitting on a towel. And wiping the machine down. I am not a germaphobe i swear....
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Thank you @AlloBaber! Also, what if you wanna do a two-a-day! That means you have to change and wash your undies twice!
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I wouldn't be able to, too uncomfortable.
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i actually tried it once..BIG mistake. . the rubbing the sticking...definitely need support when workin out
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I plan to start a good third of my time is to fix and readjust underwear
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