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Working Out: Early Bird or Night Owl

When I get my workouts in, it's in the morning. It helps me prepare for the day and I helps keeps the momentum going. I've gone to the gym during the late afternoons before, and I would find myself with less energy. But I know for some people, a late night workout is exactly what they need to wrap up their day.

Do you workout at day or at night?

Ah yea. When I do the morning workout, I have to wake up super early. This week so far it looks like I've been wanting to sleep in! @Ticasensei
I mostly work out at night because of work and stuff but man I know it feels so much better to do it in the morning! it's refreshing, you feel accomplished and you have the rest of the day to enjoy =)
Really?! Maybe I should try working out at night again. It has been awhile since I have tried it.
sorry I'm a nocturnal creature
nope none actually night owl
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