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Got my copy of Shattered Blue in the mail today, thank you Lauren Bird Horowitz for this incredible story. i couldn't be more excited!! ❀ For anyone who hasnt read it yet, you need to get it as soon as possible and read the story about the beautiful heartbroken Noa and the handsome, mysterious Fae Callum.
@BrittneyCasteel ooooh that's a great recommendation haha! I love those books that you can't put down :D
your welcome, i just got it yesterday and i cant put it down. im already halfway through it. @shannonl5
@BrittneyCasteel oooh yeah it sounds really interesting! Thank you I'll put it on my list :D
this is what the back says, dont wanna give away to much πŸ˜‰ "Can love span worlds? For Noa and Callum, being together is dangerous, even deadly. From the start, sixteen year old Noa senses that the mysterious transfer student to her Monterey boarding school is different. Callum unnerves and intrigues her, and even as she struggles through family tragedy, she is irresistibly drawn to him. soon they are bound by his deepest secret: Callum is Fae, banished from another world after a loss hauntingly similar to her own. But in Noa's world, Callum needs a special human energy, light, to survive; his body steals it through touch--or a kiss. And Callum's not the only Fae on the hunt. when callum is taken, Noa must decide: will she sacrifice everything to save him? even if it means learning their love may not be what she thought?" if you do decide to read it, let me know what you think :)
What's it about? I need something new to read :D