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Love Actually is probably one of my favorite holiday movies. Ok, if I'm being honest with myself, it's probably one of my favorite movies ever. I watch it year-round.
It's got incredible characters, funny dialogue, and it's probably one of the most honest (though sometimes overly romantic) portrayals of different relationships.
But with all the relationships intertwining with the characters, you're bound to be a little confused (you might have to watch it multiple times like me).
Well Emma Freud, the partner of Richard Curtis, the film's writer/director, took to Twitter to clear up confusing relationship stuff.

The biggest secret revealed relates to the relationship between Emma Thompson's character and Alan Rickman's character.

In the end of the movie it is unclear if they couple stays together, after Thompson's character confronts her husband (Rickman's character) about a potential love affair.
Two things: They stay together (though things are not the same), and that Rickman's infidelity wasn't a full-blown affair with his colleague, but instead just a flirtation.

Other cute things she revealed:

Her daughter was the second lobster, her mom play Hugh Grant's housekeeper, and her brother-in-law's name is Jamie-- hence the "I hate uncle Jamie!" line.
I hope you enjoyed the nerdy Love Actually fun facts like I did.

Who has seen Love Actually?! How do you feel about these discoveries?!

@nicolejb Yes same here! It has all kinds of love....good friends, old friends, boyfriends, girlfriend. And also porn stars haha
@mchlyang yeah that relationship I think is the most tragic :( though I love the part where Mr.Bean (Rowen) wraps the gift and takes FOREVER. it's almost like... HA! he doesn't even want you to do this!
Well even if it wasn't a full out affair, I still feel so bad for the wife when she realizes that the necklace wasn't for her :(
Mr. Bean is my fav @mchlyang I love that kind of weird humor. That's probably why I like this movie so much
@nicolejb I love that part too....but I've never thought of it as him trying to stop the affair! That's a very interesting thought. Mr. Bean's the best!
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