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10 uncommonly known Facts About YG Artists

2ne1 was suposed to be a group consisting of 3 members Park Bom, Cl, and Dara but plans changed do to former YG trainee May Doni's departure from YG. May Doni was apart of a duo in Japan. She was suposed to Debut with Minzi in that duo. Minzi was then gonna debut as a solo artists do to Doni's departure but then she was added to 2ne1 and debut with them.
Park Bom has a subadiving license
Seungri watches porn. He forgot his laptop one day and asked the manager if he could barrow his laptop. They heard him moaning. Then after a bit they all opened the door and he was watching TV. When the manager got the laptop back his laptop had lots of porn download. Seungri has also been
Gummy debuted under a double contract but later on through out the years she had to choose between YG and M Boat because the partnership between them has come to an end. She chose YG!
Park Bom truly loves her fan. She hates it when her body guards and or manager are to tuff of her fan she gives them the look. You know the mad look.
This one really isn't about YG Artist since these guys were not signed to YG Entertainment but this plays a give role in the birth of YG Entertainment. This boy group is called Seo Taoji and Boys. as you can see Papa YG is in the one on the right haha he's looking up. Seo Taiji and Boys were the MOST FAMOUS group in the 90's. Once they broke up they had to leave the country before crazy fans were just angry. They shared there last meal together(a hamburger) and went there different ways.
OMG LOL so YG himself got arrested when he was a teenager because him and a few friends put sand on the hood of a neighbor's car and used it as a slide. His family took a year to pay off the damage.
Before Se7en could play golf pretty well, he hated golf cuz he said he sucked at it. So he practiced for 3 years and now he actually likes golf. He even plays golf with Han Byul and his friends just to pass the time. (Se7en is hott...)
1TYM was supposed to have 5 members but then one of the members dropped out right before debut. Like literally right before debut. They still have his voice on there debut song but when they performed Teddy took over the ex 5th members part.
Hope you guys like this some of these facts I had already known but the credit goes to a blogger who I don't know her/his name at all but I'll post the person name when I figure it out.
Thank you, this was a great read. I love to hear things about Park Bom.
your welcome :) ill post another soon with a few more I love Park Bom too shes amazing
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