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Hey guys! My winter break is coming up and I want to get through at least 10 animes during it. Here's the list of what I plan to watch! Those of you who have seen them tell me what you think in the comments. I want to hear some opinions before going in.
Blue Exorcist
Golden Time
Rail Wars
Oreimo (Re-watch)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
Plastic Memories
Kaze no Stigma
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@JackMatthew I always see the main dude in cards on here so I thought I'd check it out. Haha
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That Freezing photo makes her look like a female Edward Elric.
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Status Update: Finished Bakemonotegari. No ones talked about it in the comments yet and let me say it was pretty good! The animation was interesting and the story was super interesting! Definitely recommend if you like mystery and supernatural things.
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Blue Exorcist & Kaze No Stigma are both really good!!! Plastic Memories is probably gonna make you cry a lot it's really sad.
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I've seen most of those and they are all worth watching. I'm actually surprised and happy to see rail wars and kaze no stigma as they are 2 rather in talked about shows that I thought were great shows. rail wars is a show about the japanese train systems. it has some really interesting knowledge and I rather enjoyed the story, though I watched it as it was coming out and did not marathon it and Idk if that changes how one may enjoy it. kaze no stigma Is probably a common set up with some characters and story, but I watched it years ago when that stuff was still kinda fresh to me. I'd say it's still a good show worth watching, though I do remember there is no second season, and it felt like it was supposed to have one. if I remember correctly, the writer of the series died and so the series was never finished.
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