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CONTINUED: The names kept going until you finally agreed on Eun Seul. At night the pain was unbearable, the kicks were really hard and painful until suddenly your water broke.
"JIMIN-AH!!! THE BABY'S COMING!! WAKE UP". you yelled at him.
As both of you rushed to the hospital you were even more happy than the time you got your first BTS album.
Jimin was so nervous he fainted at the first sight of the baby. After a few hours you were able to hold your baby and not a moment too soon someone started to cry......but it wasn't you ...... it was Jimin.
"Eun Seulgi!, you're daddy's little princess. She's so beautiful Jagiya!" He said
JIN: "Eh, she doesn't look as good as mama Jin"
Jimin, you and the rest of the BTS members stare at Jin with disbelieve and then turned your heads to the Eun Seul.
NAMJOON: "Nice job hyung, now you have a little pevertive girl version of you running around, ha!, good luck." He said.
SUGA: "Can we go to sleep now!"
V: "Yah!, she looks so weird......like Hobi hyung!"
HOBI: "she'll be your hope now N/A"
KOOKIE: "(whispering to baby) you are now the younger one, not me, and they will treat you like a peace of.......KOOKIE!!!!!"
LOL!! i'm having too much fun with this!
haha omg jin tho cx and v and suga😂 kookie is cute tho ahhhhh so adorabls!!!!❤ totally love this!!
Hahaha kookie's part.. That had me dying.. And than Suga's part.. Typical lol
"..they will treat you like a piece of....KOOKIE!" haha kookie is funny
C;^_^;) love it
Omg more please
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