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(The song is optional, it's just about *raises eyebrows up and down* but it does has a nice beat to it....)

Suck My Kook

*warning frickety frack* You're mine, it echoed throughout my mind. "Never trust a m--" I then felt a hand cover my mouth, "I want you to feel sore, baby," he growled. My eyes widened, wow, this is totally surprising but also turns me on at the same time. I felt myself being raised up and then something cold on my wrists, I then heard a click and my heart skipped a beat. He did not just handcuff me to my own bed, where did he even get them? Oh wait, he's suppose to be a cop in their new comeback. I sighed then tried to speak up but I felt something leather wrap around my mouth, what the fuck? I licked the object and felt something metal, is this a belt? Why in the hell would he wrap a belt around my mouth? I tried to say something but all that came out of muffled sounds and then I heard him chuckle, "They can't hear us, remember? You said that earlier." I rolled my eyes even though I knew he couldn't see me do it, I wish he would turn on the damn light. I felt a hand gently move up my torso and then I could feel his shirt lightly touch my stomach, he was right on top of me. I could feel his hot breath on my ear, I immediately got goosebumps, My heart started to beat faster not knowing what he was going to say, even if he was going to say anything. After snapping back to reality I could feel his hand slip down onto my shorts and then under them. I then heard a faint chuckle that tickled my ear and then a soft gruff voice say, "You're so wet. God, I want your body," silence then filled the air, I could feel him lightly kissing my neck. My mouth felt hot, I could feel how wet my lips were. All of a sudden the silence was broken by the next few words that took me by surprise, "I'm going to fuck you now." He sits up on the bed, pulls off my panties and throws them onto the floor. He then unties the belt that covered my mouth and immediately grabs my hair, pulling it down but raising my chin up with his other hand. I could feel his hot breath tickling my lips, oh god, just kiss me already! He kissed the side of my neck and slowly went up to my jawline and then finally landing ontop of my lips. He lets go of my air and reaches down by my thigh, slowly creeping towards my heat. I could feel a smirk coming from him as he claimed me, his fingers and tongue moving rhythmically. My legs began to stiffen from the feelings that were taking over me, he softens his movement, not letting me near the brink, yet. Our lips depart, leaving a trail of saliva falling onto my chest. He then removes his hand and uncuffs me, he takes my hands and lays them on his chest, hinting at what he wants me to do. I get down on my knees, taking a deep breath in, pulling down his boxers, his erection springs to life. My tongue swirls around the end, earning little moans escaping from his mouth. I pull him deeper in mouth, so I could feel his length at the back of my throat and then back to the tip again, I repeated this several times as he placed his hand on my head. I suck harder and harder until he leans down, pulls my hair- bringing me up to his face, and kisses me. He then lifts me up and throws me back on the bed, my heart is racing and my breath is heavy. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as he climbs on top of me, I lift his shirt over his head and place my hands on his chest. He then raises my waist up and unhooks my bra then throws it to then floor. He then brings me closer to him, our bodies touching, and soon our lips. He then stands up and I could hear him fumbling through my drawr, I let out a chuckle, "What are you looking for?" "A condom," he replies. I raise an eyebrow, "Why do you think I would have one?" He then sighs, "Because I put it in here, the boys and I have hidden several around the house.... just in case. Ah! Found it!" Wait what, I then hear him tear off the top and take out the rubber, after a minute passes he's back ontop of me. He situates himself so his erection is pushing its way into me, I can't believe this is happening. He places his lips onto mine and then slides into me, I tilt my head back and let out a moan. He sticks several of his fingers in my mouth to muffle the moans that were escaping. His body began to press down on me, his other arm resting beside my chest. I place my hands on the back of his neck, letting them rest there. He then leans back up and puts one of my legs on his shoulder, thrusting into me softly then slowly getting more aggressive. I grab the bed sheet trying to keep my feelings inside. This continues for several minutes, my brath becomes really heavy and so does his. He then falls back ontop of me, removes his fingers from my mouth and then I could feel his lips resting on mine as he releases and whispers my name. He then moves to the side and lays his head of my chest, both of us panting, trying to catch our breaths. He then wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer to him, he then raises his lips to my ear and whispers, "You're mine," this time, I can tell he means it. (Phew, does anyone else thinks it's hot in here? *fans self* P.S. I'm not responsible if any of y'all start feeling hot and bothered xD)
Kookie kinky af like damn son. Hit me up with that 50 Shades of Kookie real quick馃槀
*faint sound of ovaries exploding in the distance*
omg the feels... ahhhhhh my face through whole thing was 馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槼馃構馃槒馃槒 yesss get jungkook and he was prepared ooo let that be me馃槒馃構馃拫.馃憛馃挦馃挦
am I the only one who giggledwhen jungkook said the boys hidden condoms all over the house just in case ?? xD
bro I don't know how to handle this I'm like 'omigawd I shouldn't be reading this' and 'fuck yea' at the same time
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