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My life rn in a nutshell
Hey guys and gals! I wasn't sure how to do an introduction so I figured I'd just segway a challenge into it.
First off, name's Arii. I discovered K-pop years ago and loved it (literally years ago, like in 2006, G.O.D ftw) but I wasn't sure how to get more of it other than CDs my Korean friend would burn for me. Fast forward to 2013. 4Minute's Volume Up gets recommended to me on Pandora. 'Rest is history basically.
I joined Vingle because most people my age (23) and around this area could care less about K-Pop and my friends have resisted my attempts to reel them in. I'm hoping to find people who are as crazy as I am about Korea and it's culture, and it's really lonely fangirling by myself.


My favorite K-Pop guy group is currently............


I thought I knew what it was to fangirl before I found BTS. They've changed my life.


I never used to watch Youtube and V-app videos day and night about one group. I never used to wait for songs and prologues and reactions not be released. Let's not even get started on tears. Who cries over a BAND?
But I think it's the way that they interact with fans. They let us in (unlike big three groups, who I always get a strange vibe from, like they have to watch their backs) and show us the real them.
I still question what I fell for, look at these cheeseballs
They put so much emotion and feeling into their song and dance. Everyone touches my heart. And all their little quirks do too.
Jin's laugh. J-Hope's aegyo. Jungkook's smile. Rapmon's dancing. Jimin's excitability. Suga's humor. V's.....strangeness haha. I can associate and relate to every one of them. I feel like I know them.
And I absolutely love that.
So yeah. I'll be mostly in the K-pop and the Korean communities. Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd love to gush about K-pop news and etc. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to tag me in anything K-pop or BTS related!!
PS idk if I should have tagged anyone or not so I took the safe route and didn't lol
@ninjamidori nae everything said is truth nae correct
Yes! BTS is #1 in my favorite K-pop groups.. Those goofballs just know how to play with all my emotions.. Their videos ALWAYS give me all sorts of feels.. And yes, there are tears every time i watch something of theirs. Whether it's funny or emotional..
HELLO NEW FRIEND!!!! I too am in love with BTS!!! They're such amazing dorks, haha. I'm happy you're here, I hope we can be good friends!!!! :D πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ’›
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