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I'm getting some really good vibes from this Colin Cowie wedding ceremony look. The Narnia-style lamp posts are giving me CHILLS, in a good way, of course!
White on white. Is this a look that you can get behind? Love it as much as me? Or maybe you're thinking it's a bit too white? Leave your comments below. I'd love to know what you're thinking about this.
Studio ATG captures the magic of this photo expertly, which brings up something really important: GET PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING! Yes--even before guests arrive. You want to be able to chronicle the event as it unfolds. So much of the event happens before it begins. Many brides and grooms are making the behind-the-scenes stuff part of the wedding album.
This is also how so many wedding planners come to be. It's brides and grooms taking on that responsibility (and loving it so much), so that it becomes their new vocation. Have you ever thought about becoming a wedding planner? Maybe doing some part of a wedding?
Follow your passion. See where it leads! Don't lose hope, don't give up, and certainly, don't underestimate your talent and abilities! Click here for more gorgeous floral ceremony pictures you have to see!