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Now I know if you are an EXO fan or BTS fan you have most likely met these beautiful butts but for people who haven't..SEBOOTY IS THE MAGNIFICENT SEHUN'S AND JIBOOTY BELONGS TO AWESOME JIMIN!!! I need your guys help..both these butts are great but which one is better. I want you guys to vote in the comments below!!! Before that happens lets look at some evidence ;)


See!!! We Are Not The Only One....V Appreciates Jimin's Booty As Well!!!

Sebooty- Sehun From Exo

o_o Sehun's Dance Moves....His butt helps him so much!!

Good Luck Deciding!!!!!

The Results Will Be Posted In The Next *This Or That* Card Next Week!! :)

Results of Rap Monster vs Taeyang Pink Hair Edition Card:

Votes- Rap Monster won with 26 votes while Taeyang lost with 12 votes..sorry Taeyang but the people have spoken..CONGRATULATIONS TO RAP MONSTER!!
the bakery just called and now got cakes for dayyyyyyygssss
Sebooty is love...sebooty is life
Seeing as Sehun is my EXO bias and Jimin is my bias wrecker for BTS... This is a hard decision because I like dem both 馃槶 I think I'd have to go with Jibooty just because every time I see it I'm just like "DANG!"
PLEASE TAG ME IN THESEEEE! But to the voting, sehun is definitely my bigger bias here, but my goodness DO YOU SEE JIMINS BOOTY!! Like gosh boy do you do squats in your sleep 馃槀馃槀 So yea my vote goes to the Jibooty.馃憣馃崙
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