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Why so serious Kyungsoo?
I was watching [2015MAMAxMPD] EXO 비하인드 스토리 BEHIND STORY 151211 and I see Kai and Sehun practicing the lightsaber dance with the actual lightsabers and then I see Chanyeol jamming out to something and then BAM KYUNGSOO LOOKING MAD AS HELL.
(1:11) TBH Kyungsoo was probably just jealous of SeKai's couple dance. Just kidding! Kyungsoo has mentioned before he has bad eyesight so sometimes he stares at people or things like that. In fact, the members had mentioned that their first impressions of Kyungsoo weren't good because he kept staring at them like he hated them and so they were scared of him.
SCARED OF HIM! Sweet, adorable, squishy, heart-smiled Kyungsoo. I don't know how.
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