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Hey yall. I have some sad news: My brain has stopped working. I can't seem to come up with any ideas for my imagines. I'm getting requests from people on Wattpad and I feel like I'm not giving you guys that opportunity as well. So if you would like to request an imagine, just follow these steps:
1. Bias 2. A general plot (but be kinda specific with what you would like) 3. An adjective describing what type of imagine (angst, sad, cute, fluff) 4. Name of your character (optional) 5. Season 6. Any extras (any different formats you want the imagine to be written in; as a normal imagine, in a 'letter' the character is receiving, in text messages the character is sending' etc.)
Send your requests in via private message. I will write them as soon as I can.
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oooh I'll try to think of something soon!