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LMAO That's Soo Me !!
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I talked to a girl on an online game and we argued for at least an hour and a half because we had the same bias. Things got really heated and crazy very quickly. We started talking about kidnapping our bias just to hide him. At some point knife emojis started being sent, yet despite all that we were still cool friends. And everyone in the game could read our comments since it wasn't a private chat.
LMAO If I ever meet someone online with the same bias as me I think I would react the same way lol. I even argued with my little cousin who is just 8 because she said she liked Kai from EXO lol I almost died when I heard that.
@IMhgkk My relationships with friends have been tested since we all realized we like kpop. 馃槄馃槄 I nearly wanted to slap a girl who said that she didn't like Kai. She's lucky she was all the way in Canada
Haha I don't even want to get my friends into kpop because then I know we will have problems, I've had enough with my family members I don't need no more fights lol.
For real tho that's me and my friend we both like Jungkook