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Roys ideal type is Jessica alba !
So I read this on Allkpop and squealed of Joy :D !!!
So I was surprised he chose Jessica ! Personally shes one of my favorite actresses. This is also the first time I hear a kidol mention someone of hispanic decent as their ideal type; it gives me some hope lol.
I was lucky enough to see Roy Kim up real close this past August at kcon he is such a cutie, handsome, caring, and very talented <3 I fell for him when I first saw him haha aswell as all the fangirls there went crazy for him!
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Omg yes latinas are getting recognized by kpopland
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I wonder if he knows she biracial? I was watching a youtube video called Koreans react to American women and most of them didn't know that some of the famous ppl were ppl of color. They thought Beyonce wasn't black and that Mariah Carey was biracial either. So I wonder if he even knows Jessica A is of Hispanic decent? @PrettieeEmm
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