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Yes. It's that time of the year. My good friend @alywoah tagged me in a card about her new year's resolutions! She is awesome and the card is awesome so check it out here ---------> My New Year's Resolutions :)

And since there's only a few weeks left in 2015, I will also do my "New Year, New Me" Bullshit right here on Vingle!

1) Exercise at least five times a week!

I have been pretty bad with exercising constantly this year especially after I had surgery on my shoulder. However, with a little help from my fitness gurus here on Vingle, I am getting back on track and I am definitely seeing some positive changes already.

2) Sleep more!

Well, if I'm going to be pumping iron five times a week, then I definitely need to get some sleep, because recovery is key! I tried to survive on 4~5 hours of sleep everyday and even though it took me a long time, I realized that I'm no Tim Cook. I will try to get a solid 6~8 hours every night to stay more energized everyday.

3) Drink less alcohol! (And just eat/drink healthier!)

I love beer. I can't live without it. But to accommodate my workout and sleep schedule, I promise to drink less in 2016. Hopefully, this can help me lose the beer belly and keep me clean and energized! This doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy a few beers on the weekends ;)

4) Read more! (A book per month + news everyday!)

I used to read a lot. I mean a lot when I was a little kid, but after I was introduced to the world of smartphones, I spend most of my time, Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, Snapchat-ing, and of course, Vingle-ing! Of course, I will still be Vingle-ing, but I promise myself to read at least one book per month and spend at least 30 minutes everyday reading the paper.

5) Keep Vingle-ing with my sports peeps!

And yes. As the Sports community moderator, I will continue to Vingle and mingle with all of you guys! Can't wait to meet new Vinglers and also keep chillin with my very own Vinglers! You guys are the best!

What are your New Year's resolutions?

Post your New Year's resolutions and post it in the Sports community!
Oh this won't even take a full post. my New Year's Resolution is to not have any resolutions. Set forth in motion now what I want and progress into the New Years to follow.
And I know the Red Sox acquire Price....but things still don't look that great for the Red Sox.
@BossDominata Hahaha nice brotha! And keep supporting dem Celtics and Pats!