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Cutest Owl Videos Ever!
I am obsessed with owls. They are so fascinating. They also love pets and even bop to a music beat!
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They're just really big and intense-looking. Plus they're a bird of prey, so they're able to pick up smaller animals. In California, owls and hawks have killed a lot of small dogs and cats in different neighborhoods, so I'm always paranoid about what they're capable of lol.
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Yeah that's true if the opportunity presents itself but most of the time when it come to like dogs they gauge the vulnerability which plays a factor. I used to struggle liking Crows cuz they eat meat and will eat sm animals but what's interesting is they'll never take on like a healthy squirrel but if there was a wounded one they may try that. 2 summers ago I saved 3 baby squirrels who's mom had been hit by a car and the crows saw that babies were alone in nest. I can identify a critters cry from any and saw the crow had thrown babies to ground and thankfully I was able to save all of them. in the nick of time tho. that was tough for me with Crows.I try to be balanced about the way nature works.
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I love owls...
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@TiffanyWallace I'm so with you on that!!!!!
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