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I already missed a lot of days and missed the first day of Anime Deck the Halls I'm sorry. :-( But to get back I thought I'd post a 15th Anime Deck the Halls and today I will post my favorite Holiday themed AMV!! KYAAA!! >w< I have to say my favorite holiday themed AMV would be Snowflake ❄ (Christmas MEP) by AnimeUnity
I love this AMV because it's adorable and it makes me wanna snuggle up close to someone. Like when you wanna spend someone you love most on Christmas. That's what makes me happy! Whether it's family or lovers
I almost posted this one on the challenge card itself!
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β„πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸ‘ ❀
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I love this @.@ Amv!!! @.2
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