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When was the last time you reached out to the one you love and reminded them of their own personal magic? Has anyone ever shared with you the parts of magic that you create for others?
This self-centered world is so bent on me, me me, that we forget to take a pause and remind others how much they bring life.
I think that we have a genuine obligation as a part of this living human race, to look to the person we love and tell them about the ways they matter. It's not enough to say, "You're beautiful." Say something that matters, "I love you, and they way you put others first in your path brings a fragrance of beauty that is more than rare--it is uniquely YOU."
Thoughts? Ideas?
I adore this! It should be all of our jobs to remind the people who matter the most just how amazing they are
I agree with Liz! When someone special is in my life, I make it my duty to remind them just how specil they are to me.
<3 love this so much! Another way to phrase it.. is to help someone else see the beauty you see in them:)
Amen and amen! @LizArnone :) :) :) :)