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Raven asks for help!
This Raven sat on this fence and cawed for an hour trying to get someone's attention. These people finally went to find out why he kept yelling. As they approached the Raven they saw he had a few quils stuck in his head and wing. He was asking for help. He allowed the lady to pull all of them out. Even tho it hurt she got all of them!!!! Awesome! This ones for you @nicolejb I found so many awesome raven videos. Now I'm quite the fan of them myself! Hope you like this!
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Oh my my my @InPlainSight that was just well....Yikes! Don't quit ur day job! OK? J/K
2 years ago·Reply
@2Distracted I won't....comedy gold doesn't cash in like the real stuff
2 years ago·Reply
@InPlainSight very true!!! lol
2 years ago·Reply
LOL @InPlainSight I just got it... XD
2 years ago·Reply