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I stayed quiet while he continued to lay in to me .I had to let him vent before i could say my piece and set the record straight . He said for 3 years I've had your back while you were mourning minah comforted you when you wouldn't say a word to a soul .How do i get repaid? by having my name slandered for press release ." I looked up and said "Hyuk-woo oppa it wasn't like that Casey ...the girl that gave me the interview ...she was saying things off camera ... that video didn't show the whole thing ! " my voice started to crack . He looked at jay and said "hyung can i go or do i have to sit here for the rest of this i have to go and watch everyone else do promotions." Jay looked at him and said " go do what ever ." Simon d looked at me and said " look part of being a celebrity is honesty and humility ,among other things you clearly lack or have forgotten " Jay chimed in again saying" or never had in the first place ." I looked down my face growing hot and my chest hurting from holding in my tears . Jack who i had forgot was beside me said in a stern voice " I understand that things are fucked up right now but this kind of talk to young girl like her isn't right. Mistakes are made everyday ." Jay sat on his desk and said just as sternly" you have no idea what else happened besides all of Hyuk-woo's projects and schedules being halted .so i'll tell you because of this issue hoody who we just signed cant make an album because lack of funding because of his lack of promotions." Jack stood and said "frankly Mr.park you have all right to be upset accept or don't accept the apology but i feel like we accomplished more than what we came here to do considering we sat here and were treated very disrespectful ." He looked at me and said " Mona we're leaving". we stood and began to leave ,before walking out the door jack turned and said "as for hoody Mr.Park ,you are currently worth $500,000 dollars .in my opinion you have the money ."
we were on our way out of the lobby when Jack got a phone call he told me he'd meet me at the car and walked ahead . I knew it was my CEO asking how things went .looking down i bumped into some thing and looked up to see loco . I looked back down bowed and said " sorry " . He laughed and said " you know she always said you were thick skinned . I thought she was exaggerating but i see now minah was being modest ." I looked up at him puzzled before i could ask a question he continued his sentence . "She left out that you are also stupid and insane ." His words now became mean ,I looked down and whispered " im sorry " once more it was the only thing i could say with out crying . he looked at me his face turning red from rage and said " if you were sorry you wouldn't have done that interview ,you wouldn't have tried to go back to music. If you were truly sorry you wouldn't have come to Korea ,you wouldn't have found me .hell you wouldn't have ruin everything i fought so hard for the way you did .' I took a breath choking back tears " oppa im really sorry i'll leave you wont see my face ever again ,I promi-" he raised his voice" MONA A PROMISE? YOU FIX THIS WITH A PROMISE ?!WHAT YOU'VE DONE CAN END AOMG FOREVER DO YOU REALIZE THAT ? " I looked down and began to cry silently i mumbled" its not that serious ". but it was they haven't passed their 3rd year yet this is big . The last this he said was " if you think we wronged you wait till you sit down with yg how are you gonna fix things with him ". he was right i forgot all about yg entertainment ...i was way more hurt and scarred now than ever before.