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Suga High

*warning frickety frack* I opened my eyes and looked around the room. I then looked behind me and saw Kookie resting peacefully, I carefully got off the bed and walked to the closet, chose an outfit and threw it on. I looked back at Kookie before stepping out into the hallway, I then sighed. I tiptoed down stairs when all of a sudden the home phone rang,I quickly went over to it and answered, "Hello?" The caller cleared their throat, "This is the BTS residence am I correct?" I chuckled, "Yes but they're all a----" I then felt arms wrap around my wait as a voice purred in my ear, "Good morning beautiful." It was V, I could feel my cheeks become red as he let go and hopped on the counter and then mouth the words, "who is on the phone?" I gave him a glare, "I'm sorry, I thought I heard something, anyway, you were saying?" I could sense irritation in the voice as it spoke, "The boys need to come to the company we have matters to discuss," I then heard a click and the dial tone. I set the phone down, "Rude..." I looked at V who was casually nibling on a apple. "Time to wake the others, you guys have matters to discuss," I the shooed him off the counter and watched as he stomped upstairs, I rolled my eyes and chuckled. ~           We arrive in the assigned office, breathing heavily, "Oh man, I hate running," Suga said sitting down in a chair. I sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall, "I can't believe the car broke down," I said quietly. The door then flew open, almost smacking me in the face, "Well then," I said standing up as I fixed my clothes. The culprit cleared his throat as he pushed the rim of his glass back into its proper place, "Ok, so the reas---" He then looked up at me. "Hey, your the guy from the phone call, you know it wa----" He then cut me off, "Any way, onto more important matters," He opened his briefcase and took out a few papers. I sighed and sat down in a chair in the corner, I noticed V eyeing me when he was about to mouth something when owl eyes cleared his throat, "Ahem, Mr. Taehyung, I would like you to please pay attention." He looked at me with sad eyes and then turned around. I started to drift off when all of a sudden I felt the chair shaking, my heart stopped as I sat up quickly, "I'm yours," They looked at me with confused faces except Jungkook who had a smirk plastered on his. "Sorry, ha...ha..." I said apologetically. "Now that we've got your attention, we have a proposition for you. We need a girl for their new music video and seem to trust you the most and are pretty comfortable around you, would you be willing to take up the part?" He asked hesitantly. I looked at all of them with a warm smile, "I'd love to." V got excited and jumped up, "Yay!" He did that little giggle that's so cute and fave me a bear hug. ~ I looked in the mirror as the lady applied my makeup. I never knew how much work actually goes into these video, my lord. A man ran in with a clipboard, "We need her in set 2, hurry up and get her changed." I was then thrown a pair of clothes and pushed into was seemed like a closet. I sighed and put on the clothing items. I opened the door and walked out, I was wearing stone washed shorts that barely had any material covering my behind and a plain white T-Shirt that was kinda see through, thankfully I had a white lace bra on. Someone grabbed my hand and then dragged me to a set which looked like a bedroom. I saw Suga getting his makeup done when suddenly he noticed me, "There you are," he said with a smile on his face. He then stood up and thanked the makeup artist, "Nice outfit." I hit him playfully on the shoulder, "What kind of MV is this?" He wrapped an arm around me, "Spoiler Alert, It's about a group of guys who all have a crush on the same girl but shes seeing each one of them and they don't know about it. You'll have to listen to the song to understand." I nodded, "Well then." The PD came up and pointed at Suga, "She's going to playfully push you on the bed and then the rest is up to you, make it believable but let's try to keep it atleast PG-13." Suga nodded and smiled at me as the other members came up and stood behind the camera, Oh no, they're watching?? "Lights.... Camera.... Action!" I sighed and then put on a playfully smile, I walked up to Suga and put one hand on his chest as I playfully pushed him down, his eyes locked on my mine as he was lip syncing his lyrics. I then climbed ontop of him which took him by surprised but he then smirked and flipped me over, he was now on top, he then pinned my wrists to the bed. The music began to disappear as I focused on him, he let go of one of my wrists as that hand rested itself on my waist. I then softly placed my hand on his cheek with my free hand and all of a sudden I felt his lips on mine. I then snapped back to reality as the PD came over yelling cut,"This is perfect! Who knew you reo had this much chemistry? But next time stop when I yell cut the first 5 times?" I face grew red as Suga slowly climbed off of me, pulling me up close to him, "Not bad." I was about to say something when I realized I could feel a group of eyes burning into my back, I turned around to see an angry Jimin and Jungkook and a sad V along with a jealous Rap Mon. I think I saw a hint of jealousy in Jin and J-Hope but I wasn't so sure. Rap Mon then spoke up, "Well, enough recording today, time to head home." ~ The car ride was silent and all I could think of was Suga, the feeling was way different then from Kookie. I realized I need more, it was though I craved whatever it was. Everytime I looked at him my heart wouldn't stop beating fast. ~ I threw my jacket on anearby chair and I stood in the middle of my rom silently. Today was one wild ride... All of a sudden the lights flickered off and I felt myself being pushed against the wall as someone placed their hand over my mouth. I tried to get my eyes to focus but the room was to dark but I finally knew who it was by the sound of their voice, "Let's finished what we started." (Sorry it took so long, I got distracted by the wtf moments and regrets of 2011/12 me on FB xD)
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