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So, right now, I have a lot to worry about since I'm failing some of my classes along with finals.
A couple of days ago, I went to take my brother to the ER since his fever wasn't going down and he also kept throwing up his food. I didn't eat that day and I saw some gore images on a medical channel at the hospital and I fainted twice with a minute gap between each other. My mom was scared since it looked like I was having seizures. But I'm fine now so don't worry guys ^_^
But one thing is that I'm feeling so weak and I need to rest more as stress could also be a factor of me fainting.
I decided to take a break from Vingle along with the stories (which I will update as soon as I feel better).
I'm sorry but it's best for me now. See you guys later ^_^

I'm going to miss y'all! T_T

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I hate to break your heart @KpopGaby I haven't made it that far in learning Korean so I has not clue what you said lol 😉😆😃
@LizaNightshade haha, I said Thank you everyone
rest is need it for everyone
Take care of yourself and feel better.