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I have always wondered: If eating healthy is so important, why do people make it so expensive and hard to do on regular basis?
Lets just be honest, eating healthy isn't easy. The fatty options are easier to find and easier on your pockets. It's not a secret that our nation’s poor are eating the wrong kinds of food. We also know a lot of food gets wasted at Supermarkets if it isn't purchased fast enough.
The ex-president of Trader Joe's sees the problems with the food industry and has stepped in to make a change.

With the mission of providing healthy options at fast food prices, Doug Rauch brings us Daily Table.

It’s a grocery store that, at first glance, looks like it should be competing with the likes of other boutique grocers.In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Rauch states:
"Our job at Daily Table is to provide healthy meals that are no more expensive than what people are already buying. We’re trying to reach a segment of the population that is hard to reach. It’s the working poor who are out buying food, but who can’t afford the food they should be eating."
The cheap prices are made possible by sourcing foods that are nearing their expiration dates from farmers, supermarkets, manufacturers, and food distributors. At the moment, their is only one branch running, which is located in Boston. Next, their sights are set on New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Detroit.

I am so happy to see that someone has stepped up to the plate and provided a healthy, cost-friendly option for people in major cities. This could be a game changer.