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When you finally introduce your Bangtan boyfriend to your family lol.........
You: Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend.


*already prepared a 5-star meal for the family* "Hello. Its nice to meet you."

Rap Monster

*sweats nervously* Hi, I-I'm Namjoon, your daughter's- *trips and break glass table*


*firm handshake* The name's Jungkook. But you can call me Golden Maknae.


*smiles the whole time and doesn't dissapoint* I''m her hope.


I don't mean to brag but...I'm the looks in this relationship.


*stares blankly at them and doesn't say anything*


*shows up at 1AM and takes off pants in the living rooom*
Suga: What?

Lol I'm dying right now XD Like always vote for your favorite!!!!

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"The names Jungkook but you can call me..." When I was reading it I thought it was going to say Daddy lol. Any who I love Rap Monster but I got to go with Suga because I wanna know why he took his pants off.
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Jin probably would. RM. I would have to clear out the house of all glass for RM. Hopie is life. Jiminie wouldn't be wrong. Kookie is the Golden Maknae. V. I have no doubt he would. cause I tend to sit there staring silently at my family. Suga. well I feel like my mom would yell that he's a keeper in a sarcastic tone.
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I feel like if my bae Suga did that, my parents would kick his ass
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I freaking love sugas omfg. All of them where good.
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lol of course my jungkook would be mature. my parents would approve and soooo love him πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‘πŸ‘₯❀❀❀
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