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So we all know Saitama's training regimen, But consider how much Rock Lee trains. Surely his training must meet/exceed Saitama's, right? Obviously, different universes, different rules and whatnot, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Any thoughts?
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even better. guy vs saitama
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@JakeErter I'm not pitting them against each other, more correlating, but, yeah, Lee is essentially Guy's clone! Based on what I've seen, though (I'm up to speed on One Punch, only about 30eps into Shippuuden), I don't think anyone could beat Saitama (except maybe Light Yagami, but that's a different story), unless something happens in the finale which suggests otherwise
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guy always stays stronger than Lee in the anime.
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but rock Lee didn't get to train every day @Hatrosca remember he got sent to the hospital.......he took days off to recover xP
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I guess I see your point @HappysaysAye
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