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We only have one mom people. cherish the. If you were adopted cherish them even more. my mom sent me this box. all my favorite stuff. even the zip lock baga to store stuff once opened. puerto rican moms!!!! so I challenge you. What is one thing you can remember that your mom did for you that you will always cherish? would love to hear your stories. @allobear @alywoah please tag others you may think would like to share.
love my mom to the moon and back!!!
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Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the special people in our lives @jazziejazz :) <3
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@AlloBaber sometimes we get so busy we have to remember those who love and Support us.
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UHHHHHH... I'm gonna have to think about this XD UM. HELP. I'M NOT A BAD DAUGHTER, I SWEAR LOL
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Yeah my parents still send me care packages of my favorite German chocolates and food that I miss @AlloBaber She once sent me a whole box of candies to share with my entire dorm hall XD
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*Italy* Passstaaaaaa
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