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We only have one mom people. cherish the. If you were adopted cherish them even more. my mom sent me this box. all my favorite stuff. even the zip lock baga to store stuff once opened. puerto rican moms!!!! so I challenge you. What is one thing you can remember that your mom did for you that you will always cherish? would love to hear your stories. @allobear @alywoah please tag others you may think would like to share.
love my mom to the moon and back!!!
Yeah my parents still send me care packages of my favorite German chocolates and food that I miss @AlloBaber She once sent me a whole box of candies to share with my entire dorm hall XD
Oh my gosh this is one AMAZING care package!!! Your mom is so talented – like how did she even fit all that stuff in one box?! XD I love my mom so much too.. you're right, you only get one, so you really have to cherish them. ^^ My mom is so thoughtful, and when I was in college, she would send me little things like this once in a while. But even better was every time I came home to visit, she would cook a meal with all my favorite foods!! :D @Luci546 @nicolejb Do you ever get care packages? :)
@jordonhamilton yes your right moms are irreplasable. @Raquelarredondo you are 💯 % correct they left their bodies to get us here..its truely a blessing!!! Thank you all for posting.@alywoah Feel free to tag who you think my might join the convo.
I love this!!! Moms are super thoughtful and I love that about them, grandmothers too! My mom tends to always put others before herself and I love that about her. She would give me her last and that's what I love about her. I have no clue what I would do without her in my life. The most thoughtful and love-able woman I know.
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