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In the movie realm, Star Wars is the talk of the the town right now. In the music world, no artist is hotter then Adele. On any site on the internet you are bound to see something on either of the subjects.
Alex Boye is probably one of many who loves Stars Wars and Adele. With that being said, he is the first to bring the two worlds together in song form. The results are unforgettable.
While there isn’t much Star Wars in the video, Boye bothered to pay for a full Stormtrooper suit, drive out to the desert and insert some lightsaber practice into the production, so I guess we have to give him a pass.
I mean, it's not everyday I see someone in Stormtrooper suit belting out Adele songs with immense passion. There’s no word on who’s the biggest Adele fan in that galaxy far, far away, but my money is on Boye.
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Wow..this is indeed an amazing cover!