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Hey guys sup this is kalyan so what would you have done if actually anime didnt exist.... i mean seriously all the hours we sat and watch anime that did not exist.... naruto, bleach, fairytail, black butler, fma, aot, and lots of other anime dosent exist and all the badass characters are gone and a lot of you people said in one of my first few cards that it helped when you were alone or depressed. all the inspirational characters that were created are gone. what would you have done let me know in the comments section below until then next time guy's see ya!
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I'd probably be a normal person
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I'd be dead because in really always stopped from killing myself literally so a big thanks to anime
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Yeah. and who has time to be normal when you're an Otaku
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we wouldn't know what anime is if it didn't exist. and I'm sure we would all have spent time doing something that is nthn compared to watching anime. cuz Anime is life. Anime helps us get through stuff. There is nothing like Anime. Anime teaches us things. Anime is pure perfection
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i would cry cause anime is life
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