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In a world obsessed with calories and carbohydrates, it's pretty interesting to see one shockingly petite woman move in a completely different direction. Meet Yuka Kinoshita, a competitive eater and YouTube celebrity from Japan who makes her money eating copious amounts of food for audiences around the world.
Since beginning in May 2016, her YouTube channel has seen over 650,000 subscribers and - at the time of this card - approximately 172,222,605 views. Among the different challenges she's recorded, she's eaten seven pounds of potato salad, 13 pounds of steak, nine pounds of garlic fried rice, and even tried (but unfortunately, didn't succeed in) breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Big Macs in One Sitting.
However, her most recent is this attempt to eat 100 slices of Texas toast-style bread in less than six minutes, which she somehow manages to do completely. My favorite part is that she throws in some condiments for flavor. Sometimes she's eating a slice with jam, other times with mayonnaise and honey. You've got to appreciate that level of dedication, right?
Halfway through, Yuka almost admits defeat, adding that eating this much of one thing usually exhausts her jaw. But after a few seconds of rest, she's back at it!

Are you inspired by Yuka's victory over mountains of bread? Would you ever become a competitive eater too?

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@shannonl5 @2Distracted I feel like it's one of those things that looks pretty hilarious from the outside, but then once you realize how much they prepare their bodies and what happens before and after the 'big meal', you're kind of just like "THIS IS REALLY COMPLICATED."
@atmi I feel like she probably poops super weird. @trickyfinger LMAO RIGHT? She basically just devoured 20 stacks of sponges.
@2Distracted That's why they're the professionals, I guess lol.
@danidee I can't imagine! not my idea of a good time!
@ @shannonl5 I second that last statement!
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