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So I thought this way easier than rewriting the whole 819 words of the first chapter of the story xD I'm still trying to figure out a proper title for the story, but as of now its "The Heirs." I know it's already been used, but it's only a temporary name Anyways how does it sound so far? @moonchild03 @Sharong @BAbrajan1 @TriciaWilliams @SarahVanDorn *BTW feel free to tag others who you might think would be interested in reading the story :)
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is there a second chapter I can be tagged in?
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@justcallmekyki I'll be updating soon 馃槀 I'll also be uploading chapters from another Kpop story, this time being B.A.P also, if you're interested 馃槉
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馃槅馃槅馃槅 @DaisyMartinez yes I'm interested
2 years agoReply
I have Wattpad too. what is your screen name??
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Omg!!! I'm so excited to read this!!!!
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