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was that Jr. getting between Mark & Jackson not to fight??? omg?? is that why they have been low lately. Noooo I love my Markson!!!! the edit is kind of cool Credit to the owner
I love this.. i know its not real but it would explain why they don't room together anymore
oh snap it's a markson jaeson love triangle
@PrettieeEmm what? they not roommate anymore. .EXPLAIN!! I didn't know this what happened. .I know they haven't traveling together like they usually do and Jackson looks so off lately. .but I didn't want to think their friendship was endangered. .
@luna1171 well apparently it began cause they had bugs in their room and Mark didn't want to sleep in there also it was hot or something so he moved into Yuyeom and BamBam's room.. so I think Jackson pretty much sleeps alone now except when BamBam sleeps in there with him.. But the bugs are gone and its winter so Idk why Mark is still not back with Jackson :/ hope all is well with our Markson.. I think Jackson seems off cause he's been working too much
@PrettieeEmm ..Oh ok.. things may be things would get better. .lol..Yeah Jackson needs a rest and is worst if Mark is not there probably. .