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Salutations, fellow LEAFs! (That's League of Extraordinary Archer Fans, for those of you who still aren't hip with the lingo.) And welcome to another fan club card!

Secondly, we have some new entries to Tyler's favorite episode challenge worth checking out:

I'd like to announce another LEAF card-writing challenge that I know you guys will love sharing:

Write about your 'Archer' spirit animal.

If you were an 'Archer' character, which one would you be? Which one can you most identify with or think you'd do an awesome job as if they hired you for a live-action version? Support your answer with funny photos and gifs, and feel free to use the 'Archer' fan club tagging list at the beginning of this card to get your response some love!

Make sure to respond in your very own card, and I'll add it to the League of Extraordinary Archer Fans collection!

Ready, set, go!!!

And now I see. 💜
Hip to the lingo? Why, I'm so hip i have trouble seeing over my pelvis...
@GrowingArt That's a whole lot of hip, sir.