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So there are many things we cosplayers have and that's makeup. Because I'm hella cheap I have really crappy makeup and some good stuff too. @shannonl5 @hikaymm I don't know anybody who else I could tag but if you have somebody to tag feel free.
My makeup collection is so big it's bad.

First: foundation stuff (I use wedges for the liquid stuff) second: face paint and eyeshadows and blush Third:brushes I use mostly fourth: and eyeliner and brow liner

for those who want to know how I do this with all this crap I'll show you lmao. I've been itching to costest Konan from naruto for a while so here I my chance.
HERE IS a contouring guideline and where I countour. Sorry for my ugly face lmao


**Foundation** 1) when I apply foundation, I use sponge wedges. I know there are these contouring foundation sponge but I can't afford them lmao. 2) a good tip in applying liquid foundation!!! Instead of rubbing, dab it or aka art term stipple it. 3) powdered foundation: bc I'm ginger af and really pale I use baby powder as a foundation. When I put on powder on my face I dab it the same way I do with liquid. **i put liquid down first and then powder on top to conceal **


**Conturing** 1) nose: I always start with my nose despite the fact that I don't have my eyebrows down yet. I use a small brush bc it's easier to get the edges of my nose. When I contour I use Eye shadow bc it's all I have. **NOTE IN CONTOURING USE 1 SHADE DARKER THAN YOUR FOUNDATION *** 2) cheek: when I do my cheek contouring, I do a fish face. It helps find your cheek bones easier and usually depending on the gender of the character. Boys contouring usually goes across the line you make in the fish face 3) eye lid: just use a neutral skin tone eye shadow. Or the same color you used for Conturing if the character is more masculine.


**eyeliner and stuffs** NOTE: ALWAYS PUT IN COLOR CONTACTS BEFORE ALL THE MAKEUP STUFF BC DIRTY FINGERS. 1) eyebrows: here is where i always mess up. Depending on the day I'm using all sorts of stuff for my eyebrows. I use eyeliner, face paint or eyeshadow bc there days I'm lazy. I use this brow brush to spread the makeup in my eyebrow 2) eyeliner: eyeliner isn't that hard. It's usually the thing I play around with the most so I probably will only post a picture of it after I do it.


If the character has. Extra makeup like cuts and bruises or cracks. Just have fun with it. All the photos I originally posted were corrupted on this card :') rip for all the hard work.
At lead you still have my steps and jaz. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to message me!! I'll def answer you!!