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Let's get this show on the road!!

Question #1: First episode of R&M you watched?

The first episode of Rick & Morty I watched was the episode when Morty tried to use pheromones to attract the girl he likes at his school dance. Season 1: Episode 6: Rick Potion No. 9. Heavy episode to start on considering the ending but I still came to fall in love with the show.

Question #2: Favorite R&M character?

My favorite Rick & Morty character would have to be Morty. I started liking his character after he gave this speech to Summer. (Gonna borrow the GIF @VinMcCarthy used on his card). It was that point that I realized that Morty is a helluva lot tougher than he lets on. The crap he put up with leading up to this episode alone would have been more than enough to break any normal person. Yet Morty continues to press on.

Question #3: Favorite R&M episode?

My favorite episode of Rick & Morty is the episode Auto-Erotic Assimilation which was the episode Rick's old (girlfriend? partner? collective?) Unity was introduced. I loved the whole "collective making a perfect society" theme. It really caught my interest. I also liked the ending. Rick's realization that he couldn't be with the one "person" he truly loves because he was no good for her and the way he dealt with his despair from it at the end hit me hard on an emotional and mental level. And the music that was playing didn't help any. (p.s. I added the song in case you wanted to hear it. It's called "Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos)

Question #4: Favorite R&M Alien?

My favorite alien is definitely Zeep. Come on it's Zeep. He's like the Rick of the Miniverse. Gotta love him. And no picture shows that more than this one.

Question #5: What show would you recommend for other R&M fans?

I would recommend a show called Community. It's a quirky show that I often enjoy watching if I want to laugh at weird situations. I love it. And Ken Jeong is in it so. Yeah. WATCH IT. But don't feel pressured
I LOVE THIS CARD. It's so cool that you guys are doing a Rick and Morty fan club hahaha. The GIFs you chose for all of these are literally perfect @MajahnNelson 鈥撀營 actually died at those last 4. Well done, sir :3
I LOVE COMMUNITY ITS THE BEST. @danidee @MajahnNelson
especially the first three seasons
I feel like a TV show that almost died, but ended up not dying just because fans were so diehard about it obviously says something about how good a show is lol.
@danidee Absolutely. I ended up downloading a lot of the songs from the soundtrack on my phone. And as for Community yeah I know what you mean. I actually started watching it when it was almost at the end of the latest season. Found it in Hulu and started watching from the beginning. It's hilarious.
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