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Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are casting for Kim Eun Sook’s upcoming romantic comedy drama <The Heirs>. Both will be pairing up as male and female lead characters for SBS’s upcoming drama <The Heirs> on the second half of 2013. Though the information about <The Heirs>’s plot, storyline and characters are still keep under wraps, the new romantic comedy drama from the writer as well as the appearance of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have raised expectation and become a hot topic. Kim Eun Sook gained attention for her previous works such as <Gentleman’s Dignity>, love and friendship storyline among middle-aged flower *‘ajjushi’, will make her comeback with more youthful storyline this time around. An official hinted that the drama will be deal with wealthy-youth romance. Apart from that, the synopsis and characters that are expected to be play by Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are not yet to be disclosed. Kim Eun Sook’s previous works had distinctive and trendy romantic comedy elements, however, will be difference this time around. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye who’s at their early and mid twenty are expected to be able to deliver youth romance storyline. On top of that, most of Kim Eun Sook’s previous works such as <Lovers in Paris>, <Lovers in Prague>, <City Hall>, <On Air> as well as <Gentleman’s Dignity> were hit and eye-catching. It was Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won coupled and love story in <Secret Garden> that gained more attention from younger generations. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye gained their Hallyu star status through their respective hit drama, <Boys over Flowers> and <You’re Beautiful>. Born in the year 1987 and 1990 respectively, both have charm and attractiveness that manage to appeal men and women’s heart, not only domestically but crossing Asian as well. They have potential to be a trend in the future. Besides that, they have energy, enthusiastic and young which are expected to give and add visual, charm and liveliness for the new Kim Eun Sook’s new drama. The upcoming romantic comedy drama by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook <The Heirs> is gaining new interest with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye appearance. The drama is expected to receive the same attention as <Secret Garden>, which was a mega-hit drama not only in Korea but also internationally. Cr: tmoonsun
hay ! im sad for this news!
hayyyyyyyyyyyy no choice but to wait for a couple of months...miss u lee min ho
I'm very exicited
very much xcited....
Omeged can't wait so excited oppa it's been awhile finally another good story frm oppa :-)
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